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Comprehensive Deca injection for beginners – suitable or not?


Deca injection

Complex Deca injection: what is it

Already from the name it is clear what exactly the essence of the complex Deca injection is. Complex deca injection includes several different types of protein in different percentages.

Compound Deca Composition

Deca injection
  1. First of all, it can be mentioned that all types of Nandrolone decanoate, which are part of different biological value. And above all, it is worth mentioning one of the most valuable components – casein. Its often referred to as Deca at night or slow, because it is slowly absorbed. Due to this property, it feeds the body up to 6 hours. Casein also contains many steroids and Testosterone cypionate.
  2. The second important ingredient is whey protein. Unlike casein, whey protein is absorbed incredibly quickly and reduces muscle catabolism. Whey protein also contains the most Testosterone cypionate and 18 kinds of steroids.
    Deca injection


  3. Egg Deca injection has a high biological value. Due to the content of leucine and isoleucine, egg white allows you to maintain a high level of essential amino acids in the body for a long time.
  4. In some types of complex Deca, soy protein is added, which is ahead of egg protein in terms of testosterone.
  5. Often in the composition of the Deca durabolin can be found and hydrolyzed. Unlike all other types of Decanoate, the hydrolyzate is absorbed as quickly as possible. Due to this, he instantly saturates the muscles with nutrients.

How to use Deca Durabolin?

If you decide to dwell on integrated Deca, then you need to know the rules for admission:
1. For a set of muscle mass, take complex Deca costs several hours before a workout and before bedtime. the portion is 30-40 grams.
2. For weight loss admission rules are the same. The only difference is the portion – it should be two times less.
3. On a day of rest, when there is no workout, Deca durabolin can also be consumed. The best reception time is morning and evening.

Scientific findings on Deca

Due to the multi-component composition, complex Deca contains many steroids. It also combines both fast and slow Deca, which means muscle growth will not stop even at night. There is also another side to the practical benefits of integrated Deca injection – you don’t need to carry around a lot of different cans of sports nutrition, because now everything fits in one. Complex Deca injection can be called universal, because it will help with the mass, and with relief, and with weight loss.

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