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Deca durabolin results for weight gain. Effective or not?


deca durabolin results


Deca durabolin results for weight gain

If an athlete has a goal to gain weight, and there is no limited means, then he will need a certain sports nutrition. In this article, it will be just that you need to buy from sports nutrition to gain weight. All this is suitable for both men and women. So, the complete set for weight gain:

  1. Deca durabolin results
    deca durabolin results


  2. Vitamin and mineral complex
  3. Testosterone (Enanthate, Cypionate)
    deca durabolin results


  4. Methandienone

Deca durabolin scientific definition

Deca durabolin results is the primary steroid that should be used. But it should be understood that the best is not just the first available Deca, but one in which at least 30% protein. For muscle growth you need protein, so you should avoid Nandrolone Decanoate where there are carbohydrates and a lot of sugar. There are ways to calculate the exact dosage of Deca durabolin results per day. But we must be prepared for the fact that it is from 2 to 4 kilograms per month.

Vitamin and mineral complex

Such things do not directly affect muscle growth and an increase in total body mass, but the general condition of the body improves. The benefits of vitamins and minerals are obvious, so it makes no sense to talk about it.

Other supplements for weight gain: Testosterone

Testosterone is needed to improve strength endurance. Using Testosterone in each approach, the athlete does a couple of repetitions more, which is great to improve the results in the long term. Men weighing 70-80 kg need about 10 grams of Testosterone per day. A girl is no more than 5. Drinks after a workout, in the morning or in the evening. If 5 grams of Testosterone, then only in the morning. It is best to take Testosterone monohydrate and in powder.

Other supplements for weight gain:


So, in Deca durabolin, which is used to gain a mass of 30% protein, and in this protein it’s good if 1/5 is Methandienone, which means you have to buy separately. After calculating a little, it can be understood that out of 100 grams of Deca 300 mg, only 6 are in Methandienone. Girls need ten grams a day. Men with a low weight of about 15 grams. More heavy men need more – 20 grams. This is pure Methandienone, which is something to watch out for, because not all products are 100% Methandienone. It is necessary to accept in the morning and in the evening.

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