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Deca durabolin side effects: before and after post cycle therapy


deca durabolin side effects


Deca durabolin side effects: how to avoid

What is the meaning of food substitutes, if you can just eat? Does it make sense to buy cocktails or bars that will replace meals? First of all, it is necessary to define food substitutes. Food substitutes are sports supplements that allow you to partially or completely replace food intake (or several). They use bars and food substitutes for various reasons – someone does not have time to fully eat, so he buys a sports bar or a Nandrolone cocktail. Some completely replace one or two meals with bars or cocktails. This is done in order to lose weight.

Substitutes in our time relevant to almost all people, regardless of how long a person goes in for sports. Many nutritionists recommend replacing a meal with a cocktail or a Deca bar from time to time. Indeed, on the one hand, they contain enough calories and protein for muscle growth, and on the other, they do not contain fat. Yes, and they are absorbed by the body much better than regular food, because Deca durabolin side effects┬ábars or cocktails have nothing superfluous – everything is perfectly balanced.


deca durabolin side effects

And for those who constantly train it is worth buying Deca bar as an additional meal in order to fully provide the body with energy. Actually, food substitutes are of two types:

    1. Solid Food Substitutes – Bars
    2. Liquid meal replacements – cocktails
deca durabolin side effects

Cocktails with deca

As a rule, cocktails are produced in the form of a package of powder, which is designed for one portion. The cocktail is a Deca mix with fast-absorbing and slow-absorbing proteins so that the protein for muscle growth is enough for the whole day. Also in the cocktail are carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals.

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Deca candy bars: reality or scam?

Deca durabolin side effects bars are enriched with protein and carbohydrates, but despite this they are not too high in calories compared to regular foods. In one bar about 300-400 calories. Because of this, Decanoate bars are included in various diets for weight loss. Also, Deca bars usually contain a lot of sugar.

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