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How to choose high quality Deca Durabolin


deca durabolin

What should I look for when choosing Deca durabolin?

The choice of Deca Durabolin is much easier to make, because there are practically no pitfalls, and there are only two small nuances that you should know. It is their and worth remembering:

  1. The most important criterion is the percentage of protein in the product.
  2. A less significant criterion is the type of protein in the product.
deca durabolin

Protein percentage

The very first thing to learn is that if the product has less than 50% protein, then Deca cannot be called. In fact, it will be just high protein deca durabolin. The minimum protein content in Deca should be 60%. And then, 60% is low in protein. If an athlete wants to gain weight and doesn’t care about the amount of acquired fat, you can use a cheaper, low-protein Nandrolone.

It is also worth noting back – Decanoate does not have a protein content of 100%, in any case, when producing high-quality Deca Durabolin, up to 10% will be spent on various impurities and flavor additives. Therefore, most of the product on the market contains 70-80 percent protein. If you want high quality – you need to look for Deca Durabolin with a protein content of 80%.

All Nandrolone Decanoate can be divided by the amount of protein:

Less than 50% – not Deca Durabolin
Less than 60% – Deca Durabolin with extremely low protein content – leads to a set of fat mass
60% – 69% – low protein content

deca durabolin

70% – 80% – average protein content
Over 80% – high protein content

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Types of deca

As mentioned above, this is not the most important criterion, but its still desirable to consider when buying Deca. The fact is that sometimes manufacturers go for tricks and dilute the product with cheaper soy protein. In case of casein, cheaper whey Deca is added.
But even this fact does not make this criterion more important, because the protein remains protein. The composition of them differs slightly, and even if they added 20% cheaper protein, the product from this will not be less effective.
In the case when you buy an integrated Deca, this criterion loses all meaning.


1. First of all, pay attention to the total percentage of protein in the product, and not to its weight per serving. For weight loss, use only high protein Deca 300.
2. If you choose any protein specifically, then pay attention that it is not diluted with other types of protein.



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