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How to recognize fake Deca 300


deca 300

Deca 300 is becoming more and more popular, and, like any popular product, its begin to forge. And if a fake watch and a fake phone just turn out to be an unpleasant surprise, then a fake sports nutrition can seriously affect the health of an athlete. In order not to buy fake sports nutrition should be aware of how the original differs from a fake.
It is worth remembering at once that the originality of Deca 300 cannot be determined by smell, appearance and consistency, because all these criteria depend only on the composition.
The smell and color of Decanoate 300 primarily depends on the raw materials from which Nandrolone Decanoate injection was made, because whey and casein Nandrolone Decanoate differ from each other in color and smell. Another color Deca depends on the time of year, if Deca 300mg is made from milk.
Appearance is also different. Indeed, in different Deca 300 mg, the protein content is different, and various elements like dyes or flavors affect the appearance of the grains.

deca 300

The texture of the original Decanoate can also be different. The original Deca 300 can be either homogeneous or lumpy.

How to recognize a fake at home

At home, you can only determine the presence in the product of the protein component, the exact protein content at home can not be determined – this requires the study of the product in the laboratory.

deca 300
  1. First of all, just squeeze Deca 200 between your fingers. Any Nandrolone Decanoate, regardless of composition, will crunch like snow.
  2. Deca is also worth a try. This Deca 300mg will stick to the gums, curl up and turn into lumps.
  3. If you stir Deca in a shaker, then in the case of the original Deca 300, some foam will appear. Also, high-quality Nandrolone does not form sediment.
  4. Always check the expiration date. Even if it is not over yet, but a little bit left to the end, it is better not to take such a Deca 300.
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Determination methods are not very accurate, but they do not take much time. Of course, this all fits only if you bought a new product that you have never encountered before. If you buy sports nutrition only from reputable manufacturers, and in specialized stores, then there will be no need for checks. If you just started to play sports, it is better to ask the coach, or other people. They can easily recommend you reputable brands.

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