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Taking Deca cycle with other supplements


deca cycle

Deca cycle is used by many athletes, because its lack leads to a weak increase in muscle mass. Like any other sports nutrition, you need to know what the Deca cycle goes well with, and with what it’s better not to take it at the same time. The fact is that simultaneous intake can both enhance the effects of additives, and nullify all their effects.

Deca cycle and effective combination with other drugs:

Testosterone Enanthate

Nanrolone Decanoate and Testosterone Enanthate work together very well. After all, Testosterone Enanthate is a steroid protein that is “building material” for muscles, and Deca durabolin results adds more energy to the body. Supplements combine harmoniously, and improve results only if used in the right dosages. The best ratio is 25-30 grams Testosterone Enanthate per 5 grams Deca Durabolin.

Testosterone Cypionate

deca cycle

Testosterone Cypionate and Nanrolone Decanoate is a famous couple, but for beginner athletes it is better to use their first time. The body gets used to the new supplements gradually, and only after some time it is necessary to switch to the simultaneous reception of the Deca cycle and Testosterone Cypionate. The recommended ratio is 15-20 grams of Testosterone Cypionate per 5 grams of Deca cycle.


Methandienone protects the muscles from their destruction, and Methandienoneits are used when they want to gain “dry” muscle mass. It is best not only to combine Methandienone and Deca, but also to add Testosterone to them in a pair. This “cocktail” allows you to quickly achieve results. The recommended ratio is 10-15 grams of amino acids per 5 grams of Deca Cycle.

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Deca cycle and ineffective combinations

Fat burners

deca cycle

First of all, it is worth mentioning their. Winstrol contributes to the fact that water is retained in the muscle cells, and this does not accelerate the process of burning fat and losing weight. Their simultaneous reception will not cause damage to the body, they simply neutralize the actions of each other. For the effect of these additives, their take is taken separately.


It is known that l-carnitine is taken to increase stamina and improve fat loss. On the one hand, carnitine does not belong to muscle tissue, so you can take two drugs calmly. But again, the question arises of the appropriateness of such a combination. A side effect from such a duet will not, however, be an effective result either. Therefore, decide for yourself what is more important for you at the moment: to burn fat or increase power indicators. By the way, L-carnitine is better combined with carbohydrates and not with Oxandrolone.



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