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What are the Deca Durabolin benefits and why you should use this drug.


deca durabolin benefits


Fast and slow deca durabolin benefits

Many sports nutrition sellers often advise buying two types of Deca durabolin benefits at once – fast and slow. “Fast” Deca is whey, and “slow” this is casein. But do they advise correctly?

Amino acid composition deca durabolin benefits

If we compare serum Deca 200 and casein, then the amino acid composition will be exactly the same, and the quantitative composition of individual amino acids will differ by up to fifteen percent. Given that both whey Deca durabolin and casein are derived from milk, the differences in their composition are not very significant.

deca durabolin benefits

Learning speed

The difference in the rate of assimilation is the most important argument of those who offer to buy Nandrolone Decanoate steroids of two types at once. And indeed, the difference in learning is significant. For example, serum Deca steroid begins to be absorbed almost immediately after ingestion, and is absorbed entirely within a couple of hours.

Casein also begins to be absorbed almost immediately, but the absorption rate is much lower, so sometimes it takes up to five hours.

The most important question is how important this is for our body, and how strong are the differences in the action of deca. After all, this is the main argument of those who accept both types of Deca durabolin. Actually no difference. If you do not give your muscles protein for about a day after exercise, then they can begin to break down. If you do not bring this up, then the body will not care what kind of Deca durabolin benefits the athlete takes.

deca durabolin benefits

Another recommendation is to drink casein overnight. After all, due to the fact that it is slowly absorbed, it will practically feed the muscles all night. This is also not true. If there are enough amino acids in the body, it is not necessary to feed the muscles, and if there is not enough protein in the body, then casein for the night will not help much.

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This is not to say that supporters of the reception of two types of Deca are deceiving you. They may also be wrong, or just try to sell more. The emphasis on the speed of assimilation can be done, but this difference cannot be considered huge. In fact, it is insignificant, and has no effect on the body.



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