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What is nandrolone and how and when to take nandrolone?


what is nandrolone

How and when to take Nandrolone?

More than half of human muscle tissue (about 60%) is Nandrolone Decanoate, aka steroid. So it is precisely glutamine that is the best that can be taken for muscle recovery after intensive strength training. Although on the other hand, many people believe that glutamine can not help in the recovery of muscle fibers. It turns out that, on the one hand, the scientists who conducted the research did not find positive results, on the other hand, the athletes, who tested on themselves the effect of Nandrolone, and believe that it helps to recover.
The scientists’ mistake was that they only tested the effect of glutamine on one process. More extensive research has helped to find out that glutamine triggers many other processes, among which there is no directly building muscle fibers from nandrolone.



One of the most notable processes is the increase in growth hormone levels by more than four hundred percent two hours after taking five grams of Deca injection. After another two and a half hours, the level of growth hormone returned to its original value. These two and a half hours mean a lot to the body, because growth hormone is associated with an increase in lean body mass, a reduction in body fat, increased sexual attractiveness, mood, memory, vigilance, activity of the immune system, youth in the end.

The following studies showed slightly lower results because glutamine was part of a protein drink. Physiologists have concluded that protein drinks interfere with the absorption of nandrolone.
Glutamine also increases the effectiveness of other sports nutrition, so when you buy glutamine, you can also think about testosterone. Glutamine receiving athletes with testosterone had a nitrogen balance higher than those who took testosterone cypionate only. Due to this, the performance with the control bench with the legs of the first group was higher.


Rules of admission and what is nandrolone:

  1. Twice a day, five grams on an empty stomach. Do not mix with protein drinks.
  2. Can be taken with testosterone half an hour before training.
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